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10 MUST TRY Traditional Egyptian Dishes that are packed with flavor!

Food is a large part of every country’s culture. So, to get to know more about Egyptian culture, here is a list of 10 traditional Egyptian dishes that you have to try when visiting Egypt.


A mix of rice, spaghetti, small round macaroni, vermicelli, fried onions, black lentils and hummus, topped with thick tomato sauce, garlic and vinegar sauce, and chilli sauce put together in some kind of art. That mix may sound strange, but it’s totally worth a try!

Rozz Me’ammar

A dish of white rice prepared by the addition of milk, butter or cream and chicken broth. All the ingredients are baked in the oven, and then usually served in occasions and family gatherings.


A green leafy vegetable chopped and cooked with garlic in beef, rabbit or chicken stew, and served with rice or bread. One interesting thing about Molokhia is that it gets prepared differently in different areas in Egypt. For example, cities that are located near the coast usually prepare it with fish or shrimp. This dish is heaven, and so worth try.


A Nubian dish that is commonly prepared for occasions mostly religious ones. The dish consists of layers of fried bread and rice, with tomato sauce cooked with garlic and vinegar on top, meat soup and large pieces of meat. The dish is very delicious but very fattening so only eat on special occasions.


A dish that is mainly cooked in coastal cities like Suez, Portsaid and Alexandria. It is made of white fish such as bass or bluefish, and cooked with yellow rice, onion, spices, and tomato sauce. It is then baked in an earthenware pot.

Fool Medames

One of the most common primary foods for Egyptians, this dish consists of lava beans prepared with oil and lemon juice. You can also add garlic or onion if you prefer. Fool can be prepared in many different ways, and people eat it with butter, spicy oil, olive oil, tomato sauce, pepper, pastrami, parsley, sausage, and boiled or fried eggs. It is believed that Ful was cooked all the way back in ancient Egypt.

Ta’meya (Egyptian Falafel)

Another common food for Egyptians that is usually served with Fol. The Ta’meya or Falafel is mainly prepared out of crushed fava beans mixed with other ingredients, then it gets fried. It is usually served with tahina and salad with Egyptian bread. That’s a perfect dish for vegetarians too!

Alexandrian Liver and Sausages

Belonging to street food but also cooked at home. The liver is prepared with spicy pepper, and garlic or onion may be added. As for the sausage, it is usually cooked in different ways, but mostly with tomato sauce and spicy pepper. They’re both served with pickles.

Kebab & Kofta

If you’re a meat lover, then this is a must try! Kebab is prepared with pieces of grilled meat (lamb or veal). As for Kofta, it is piece of minced meat and is also prepared on the grill. Both are served with Egyptian bread, salads and tahina.


Another perfect food for vegetarians! A green creamy mash prepared of parsley, dill, leek, grinded fava beans, spices, green pepper, and fried onions on the top. Served with Egyptian bread and green onions.

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