Sahl Hasheesh is where we combine activity with fun to give you some of the most memorable experiences ever. The geographic nature of Sahl Hasheesh allows it to be an amazing spot for all kinds of activities. 


Many marathons, races, and competitions call Sahl Hasheesh home and that's because we love to PLAY.

At Sahl Hasheesh we can find various activities for everyone, and any age group. whether you are single, a couple, or a family, we have something for you. Grab a game of volleyball along the beach, or go for a bike ride along Old Town Rd. Visit the various venues that regularly hold events and parties along the beach and dance the night away! 

We love to PLAY, and as a community we are always excited to meet new people and make new friends, So drop by and say hello!



How about a new exciting adventure?


Quad biking is one of the most exciting and thrilling activities to do in Sahl Hasheesh.

Explore the beautiful Desert and Mountains on Quad bikes (Single or Double) and explore the culture of the bedouins and ancient Egypt. 

All packages include Pick-up & Drop-off from hotel, water & complimentary hand made natural stone bracelet


There are few experiences like paddling through the Red Sea in Sahl Hasheesh!


You don’t have to be an eco-tourist to appreciate one of the natural blessings of Egypt when you venture into the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Red Sea.

Voyaging through Sahl Hasheesh Bay is suitable for beginners, making it a memorable attraction for all.

This fun water sport is a great way to keep in shape and get some exercise while exploring the city around you


Discover the natural beauty of the Egyptian desert on the back of reliable Berber and Arabian horses. The horses are suitable for all skill levels, beginners as well as experts. They are surefooted, friendly and also appropriate for children.

Horse riding equipment such as riding helmets and chaps are provided at the stable. Children are welcome to either participate to the beach ride or to ride on the paddock at the stable.


Snorkeling in Sahl Hasheesh is like no other underwater adventure in the world.


Surround yourself with manta rays, whale sharks and various species of marine turtles while exploring the most extensive coral reef system in the Red Sea.

You’ll see endless shapes and colors of fish and coral reefs that will make you speechless and amazed by their creation. It’s a lot of fun to be so close to those cute tiny creatures and see them closely. 

Sahl Hasheesh offers some of the most spectacular snorkeling in the world. This is due to the abundance of coral reefs in the region, as well as extremely clear waters.

People come from all over the world to Sahl Hasheesh to see the beauty of the Red Sea and explore the world under the sea.


As one of the seven wonders of the underwater world, the Red Sea offers scuba divers some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs, plentiful marine life, and a wide variety of diverse dive sites.

Sahl Hasheesh's reefs are full of life, bright corals and clouds of fish dazzle with a kaleidoscope of color.

With wonderfully calm and clear conditions, the Red Sea reefs offer ideal conditions for new divers, marine life enthusiasts, wreck divers or anyone simply interested in exploring light-filled reef systems.


Due to the excellent visibility and the easy access to excess depths it’s an attractive location for technical diving and training.


Designed for all fitness levels. A total body workout on the beautiful beaches of Sahl Hasheesh. This is a fun, safe workout that allows participants to challenge themselves and work as a team.


Exercises are conducted as a group, with partners, team races and challenges to motivate everyone to work harder.

We know that there are no shortcuts to maintaining a healthy, fit, and injury free body (Especially on vacation)


These bootcamps will transform your body with functional exercises to improve flexibility & balance, cardio interval circuits to increase endurance, body-weight exercises to strengthen your core, shed fat and burn maximum calories


One of the best ways to discover Sahl Hasheesh and the beautiful Red Sea is to do it by boat!

If you want to spend your day lounging under the sun, while enjoying the sea breeze, beautiful mountain views and sunny blue skies, going on a boat trip is definitely a must!

Boats leave from the Sahl Hasheesh Pier, and offer guests a number of different activities while on the boat. 

All boats are equipped with all kinds of swimming/snorkeling gear available for rent. All you need to do is show up!

Food/Drinks are also available on all boats, with the option of "BYOD" - (Bring Your Own Drinks)

Not just that, you can prepare some delicious food, turn on your favorite music, and have your own party!


If you're feeling to explore Sahl Hasheesh to the fullest, the best way is to do it on wheels!

With over 12.5km of shoreline to explore, Sahl Hasheesh is best seen with an electric vehicle. 

All vehicles are electric and environmentally friendly and very easy to get accustomed to. 

Whether you're riding a golf cart, or exploring on a scooter, you will find many hidden gems scattered all over town. 

Rentals are on an hourly basis, and the rental shacks are scattered around the beach.

For rentals over 1 hour, rates could be negotiated accordingly.


 Fun and challenging, Fishing in Sahl Hasheesh is an incredible experience!

The Red Sea is "active" almost year round, making it one of the most interesting fishing destinations on the planet.


 The relative calmness, diversity of species, rich bottom structures, and the warm climate contribute to this and make fishing in Sahl Hasheesh such an enjoyable experience.


Enjoy a day of fishing in the Red Sea. Catch and eat a fish for lunch, and then enjoy a snorkeling adventure to get up close and personal to the colorful varieties of fish that live in these waters

All fishing trips are from a boat 

 that includes all the types of equipment needed for fishing!


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