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Welcome to paradise

The stunningly beautiful location of the Sahl Hasheesh makes it one of the most unique and beautiful dive sites in the world. Located in the Hurghada region in Egypt, Sahl Hasheesh is a must visit diving destination on the Red Sea Coast.

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The Red Sea's reefs are thriving with life; bright corals and clouds of fish dazzle with a kaleidoscope of color. With wonderfully calm and clear conditions, The Red Sea offers ideal conditions for new divers, marine life enthusiasts, wreck divers or anyone simply interested in exploring light-filled reef systems.

Due to the excellent visibility and the easy access to excess depths it’s an attractive location for technical diving and training.There are sites that do experience some current, so in some locations operators do use drift diving protocols - great if you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary!


The Red Sea offers the full range of diving opportunities; wrecks, walls, drifts, pinnacles, shore dives, day boats and liveaboards (Safari).



Sahl Hasheesh Bay has several offshore islands and pristine coral reefs that provide excellent opportunities for diving. The spectacular underwater views and variety of marine species will charm divers. Scuba diving in Sahl Hasheesh is an exciting adventure. The average depth is 5-15m/16-49, but it may be as much as 30m/98ft at some dive sites.  All of the sites are accessible by boat.

​Sahl Hasheesh has various dive sites. The most popular sites are Abu Hashish North and Abu Hashish Lagoon, which are suitable for divers of all levels. Gota Abu Makadi and Abu Makadi Middle/South are in Makadi Bay. Diving is easy, and divers can explore sandy plateaus and coral reefs. Some other sites are Banana Reef, El Fanadir, Carless Reef, and Turtle Bay.

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The reefs and marine life here are plentiful, estimates are around 800 fish species alone with at least 10% of them not found anywhere else. You may see dolphins on the way to dive sites. If you are lucky you may see a manatee, a range of sharks, including whale sharks. Apart from grey, white and black tip reef sharks, oceanic whitetips, hammerheads, tigers and thresher sharks can also be encountered. Sea turtles frequent the area as do many varieties of moray eels. Blue spotted stingrays are everywhere, scorpionfish and crocodile fish blend in, lionfish hover and there are many nudibranchs, flatworms, Spanish dancers and pipefish to entertain the critter hunters.


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From the complete beginner to the seasoned pro, Dive Sahl Hasheesh offers something for everyone. The full range of PADI courses are available with our large, multilingual team of experienced instructors & divemasters.

Whether it’s your first breaths underwater or gaining skills taking scuba diving to career level, Dive Sahl Hasheesh are here to help.

If you are looking to complete a diving course and obtain a certification that allows you to dive anywhere around the world, we offer a selection of courses designed to match your holiday needs, an unforgettable experience awaits
Already qualified but want to get more out of your diving? Dive Sahl Hasheesh has a collection of interesting specialty courses as well as the PADI Advanced Open Water to Instructor level and everything in between
With the warm, crystal clear waters of the shallow lagoons full of fish, there’s no better place to try diving than Sahl Hasheesh – don’t leave without seeing for yourself the amazing underwater world.


Enjoy safe diving in groups according to your level and your pace and discover the stunning underwater world of The Red Sea with experienced multilingual PADI, SSI, and CMAS professionals.

With 100's of dive sites located around Sahl Hasheesh and Hurghada, the beauty is endless. 

Join us for our daily dive trips taking off from Sahl Hasheesh Bay every morning. 



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