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10 Reasons why living abroad will improve your life! (Psst... Sahl Hasheesh is calling)

Did you know that there’s more to moving abroad than just a change of everyday environment? Well, you do now: life in a foreign country is beneficial for work motivation and productivity and it can boost your confidence, creativity, tolerance, and leadership skills, and nudge you to grow on both personal and professional level. Here are just a few aspects in which moving abroad will help you set your at-work performance and enthusiasm on the right and prosperous track.


Living in a new environment will stimulate your cognitive function, imagination, and creativity, all of which are critical to professional growth. Whether or not you have a 9-5 job, the move will expose you to new people and everyday experiences that’ll require a 180° change of perspective while at the same time boosting your out-of-the-box thinking and creative potential.


Moving abroad requires careful planning and organization, both of which are important in the business world as well. The new environment can improve your time management and budget planning skills and help you become a better planner and organizer in private and professional life, which will lead to lasting productivity spikes and greater work satisfaction.


As a newbie in a different environment, you’re pretty much left to your own devices, which will help you build a stronger sense of self-reliance and independence. Without anyone but yourself to lean on, you’ll grow on the personal level and learn how to deal with obstacles and hardships, which will result in greater self-confidence, autonomy, and intrinsic motivation in times of trial.


Traveling and living abroad are eye-openers of a kind, as encounters with different cultures and ways of life help you learn more about humankind and the world as a whole. For this reason, the move to a foreign country will offer insights into the functioning of different social systems and promote advance of your problem-solving skills, which will result in greater productivity.


Every society is governed by its own set of rules and values which you’ll come across as soon as you arrive in a new environment. As a foreigner, you’ll have to adapt and follow the valid social mores, but you’ll also learn to appreciate differences more, and the experience will boost your tolerance and soft skills, both of which are of value in business.


Finding flatmates who speak a different language will nudge your linguistic development and offer opportunities to perfect or learn a foreign language. Conversations with native speakers are the best way to upgrade and touch up linguistic skills, which is a valuable asset in a globalized world of business which often requires contact with foreign clients.


Living abroad will allow you to perfect your analytical skills, and it will also open the door to self-assessment and induce you to redefine your goals, priorities, and plans. By stepping away from your everyday environment, you’ll get a better image of your professional skills and assets, and it will make it easier for you to identify aspects in which you can grow and advance.


Life in a multicultural environment offers an opportunity for communication and collaboration with people from different backgrounds, traditions, and social systems, all of which are integral to successful leadership. By boosting your leadership skills, life abroad will dial up your at-work productivity and help you learn how to handle communication problems that may arise in daily business conduct.


Last but not the least, life abroad is fun and exciting, and that’s a brilliant source of motivation for a weary entrepreneur. If all other motivators fail, you’ll always be able to find pleasure and happiness outside your line of work. In addition to that, you’ll also be constantly exposed to new perspectives and experiences abroad that will keep your batteries topped up and ready for new business challenges.

Sometimes life throws you lemons; other times, it can throw you a chance to move abroad. If you’re in two minds as to whether or not to move to a foreign country, take the opportunity, and act on it right away. The experience will help dial up your motivation and productivity while at the same time allowing you to have fun, grow on the personal level, and learn a thing or two about different cultures, ways of life, and the world as a whole. Bon voyage!

Via: Wonder Forest

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